The purpose of the procedure is to form an integrated approach to the use of cookies at Sanofi.

The information in this document defines the main tasks and principles of processing and protecting information in Sanofi when using cookies, and also explains to the users of the Site (as this term is defined below) the procedure for working with cookies in Sanofi and their right to refuse the use of cookies.


Terms, abbreviations

Definition,reference to legislation (if applicable)


Sanofi's cookie policy

Site (s)

Sanofi's website, as well as a website or platform owned by third parties that are operated directly or on behalf of Sanofi


Representative office of Sanofi-Aventis Groupe Joint Stock Company (France), Sanofi Iran Joint Stock Company


A computer or other device for connecting the user to the Internet


Cookies and other similar technologies in the meaning established in the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union of October 24, 1995 N 95/46 / EC "On the protection of the rights of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data", and upon expiration of this directive - within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679

3.What are cookies?

Cookies are files containing pieces of information that can be stored on the Device by sending a request from the Site to the browser installed on the Device, when the user enters the Site.A cookie file allows you to save information on the Device for a certain period of time, including the actions or preferences of the user.

Most browsers allow the creation of cookies.However, users can set their browser settings so that cookies will be rejected or deleted.

Some cookies are destroyed when the user closes the browser.These cookies are called "session cookies".Some cookies remain on the Device until their expiration date or until the user removes them from the temporary buffer of the Device.These cookies are called "persistent cookies", and they allow you to store on the Device some information concerning the user, and to access this information in the event of a subsequent visit to the Site by the user.

Sanofi uses persistent cookies.When browsing the Site, the user agrees by default that Sanofi will place cookies in the user's browser.

4. Types of cookies

The table below lists the types of cookies used on the Site, as well as describes their purpose.

Cookies type


Technical cookies

These files are necessary for the normal operation of certain areas of the Site.They allow you to distribute the load on the servers, collect information about user preferences regarding the use of cookies, etc. Cookies of this type include both session files and persistent cookies.Without these files, the Sites would not work properly or would not work at all, so they are used always and regardless of user preferences.Cookies in this category are always set by the Sites and not by third party domains.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the Sites.Sanofi uses this information to compile reports and to improve the Sites, make them more user-friendly and monitor their performance.These cookies collect anonymized information about the actions of visitors on the Sites, the pages they viewed, as well as about where visitors came to the sites.Cookies in this category can be installed by both Sites and third-party domains.

Third party cookies

These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the Sites, which keywords or web pages brought visitors to them, and which sites the visitor visits.Sanofi uses this information to compile reports, improve the Websites, and optimize product and service offerings.These cookies can be set by both the Sites and third party domains.

5. Purpose of using cookies

Information about users of the Site, accumulated and stored through cookies, is used by Sanofi solely for the purpose of collecting user settings and preferences on the Site, improving the methods of presenting information on the Site, enhancing the quality of the service for its users, identifying the most visited Internet pages (interactive services) of the Site , possible errors, maintaining statistics of visits to the Site, accumulate data in which the user has shown interest, based on this, they can predict his interest in this or that information in the future.

Cookies also help Sanofi measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Sites, including the transmission of information obtained through cookies to third parties (including Sanofi's counterparties / partners / suppliers).

6. Protection of information about users

If the user does not agree with cookies being placed in his browser, the user can disable cookies on the cookies settings page or change the settings of his browser.In this case, some pages of the Site may not work as expected.

Information of a personal nature about the users of the Site is stored and processed in compliance with the requirements of Iran legislation on personal data and in accordance with the Sanofi Policy regarding the processing of personal data posted in the public domain on the website atwww.SANOFIPARS.com

Electronic requests sent via the Internet are transmitted through unsecured communication channels.Sanofi is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of data when it is transmitted over insecure communication channels over the Internet and in other cases beyond the reasonable control of Sanofi.

Sanofi is not responsible for the content and correctness of the rules for protecting personal data of sites owned by third parties.

7. User consent

When visiting the Site, the user agrees to the use of cookies in accordance with this Procedure:

“We collect and process user data, including cookies, to optimize the site, select relevant content and advertisements for you.By clicking "Accept" or staying on the site, you consent to their use.

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